MAK architecture tour : shulman house

shulman house / raphael soriano, architect / 1947-50

... the MAK center had their annual architecture tour on sunday, oct 10 and this particular event was dedicated to the renowned architecture photographer julius shulman (it would have been his 100th birthday!) first stop on the tour was his very own home. contrary to his black and white photography, there were pops of color to be found throughout. quite a pleasant surprise.



  1. looks like a great midcentury modern house! i haven't seen the house, but i'd guess that this collage represents its style very well. i particularly like the photo with the chair and the one of whe entryway - lovely light!
    (the red things in the middle - are they spice containers??)

  2. beauty comma - thanks so much! yes, they are spice containers :)


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