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I never thought in a million years that I would end up with my very own tile collection when I started pw.travelogue two years ago.

When clé first approached me on creating a tile collection, I was instantly inspired by the simple and honest concept of translating a moment in time, in space, onto a tile. So much of my design and photography work is about positive and negative space, I knew I had to start from there. I've been an avid traveller ever since I was little, it just seemed fit to begin the collection with a series of black and white images with striking lines, shapes, and angles. It's not the destinations that I was drawn to per se, it was the moments at those destinations that got me to take a step back, indulge, and compose the frame.

Collaborating with clé has been a dream—they are passionate and savvy at what they do, and they do it with style. The Founder and Creative Director of clé, Deborah Osburn had me at "artisitc aperture" when describing my work the first time we met. What I had envisaged for this collection has gone way beyond my expectations. Each tile is lithographed by hand on pristine white thassos marble. I have to admit, seeing my first collection "urban" come to life in mural-like form is pretty incredible. The top photo above was taken during a working session we had at the clé studio—the perfect setting to get inspired and play.

Click here to learn more about clé + the pw.travelogue tile collection!



  1. I am so incredibly happy for you & this amazing endeavor! Congratulations, Peggy! xo Fawn

  2. These are so beautiful Peggy, so exciting, congratulations!

  3. oh this is awesome! congrats!


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