[sponsored post] a look back at 1986, hawaii...

1986 was a big year. i remember my mom leaving for a trip to hawaii with my dad (well, he was just "bobby" then). of course when you are little, you don't think much of why they are going, but rather, what they are going to bring back. well, as it turned out, they brought back the best present ever – the news of their engagement.

the island of maui was where my dad popped the question. they stayed at the then-intercontinental hotel (top). look at that view! and how about the one of my mom at the haleakalā crater? such a glamorous shot – wind blowing, her trying to hold on to her hat... love it. but my favorite is the one of them holding each other. knowing in their minds, at that moment, they would be spending the rest of their lives together. those are the memories. those are the unforgettable moments in life.

i love traveling, but do you know i love traveling with my parents even more? i have the best time with them, every single time. which got me thinking, how fun would it be for me and my husband to bring my parents back to maui? to experience the island and relive those moments together? perhaps an anniversary trip is in order.

thank you mom and dad for the photographs and reminiscing your trip with me!

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  1. That's awesome Peggy, what a great gift! And I love the layout.

  2. These photos are amazing! My parents have photos similar to these from their honeymoon. They were so great that my sister turned them into a book and gave it to them for their anniversary last year. I love looking thru it. Thanks for sharing these! xo, Claudia

  3. that is the sweetest! <3 i need to find a way to get back to hawaii... & maybe never come back. ;)

  4. Nice job! I love the layout; I especially love that good looking couple.

  5. So very sweet + thoughtful. What a fun story to reminisce with your parents :)

  6. Our sweetest Peg!!! What a beautiful 'look back' on us! You're the BEST! We must have done something right to raise you. :)


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