ace hotel

one of the many perks of living in los angeles – day trips to palm springs! my good friend hilary and i had a Delicious lunch (notice the capital D) at king's highway, an old roadside diner made chic at the ace hotel. unexpected pairings like eames fiberglass + thonet bentwood chairs definitely set the tone of the place. mini ring-binder menus, which they cleverly dubbed as 'the ace survival guide' was genius. but the most pleasant surprise was me running into jonathan heath, the general manager at ace hotel. i met jonathan when he was the gm at viceroy palm springs, where he took really good care of us before, during, and after our wedding there. later we had a tour of the property and i of course was very camera happy. it was a good day... :)


  1. what a lovely way to spend the day. (the sky is sooo blue i cannot believe it!)

  2. The Ace Hotel is such a cool spot- so far I've only visited the one in Portland, but I loved it!!


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