remembering kitty...

today marks the one year anniversary of my kitty's passing. she had such a little personality. here are some of her most adorable moments + a few of her favorite things...

eats vanilla ice-cream right out of the carton
goes crazy over buttery croissants
head-butts you right at your jaw

taps you with her little paw
loves cuddling up with you
races you up the stairs
races you down the stairs
recognizes the sound of a can opener
sleeps in your luggage
be your best (little) friend for 14 years

i miss her still, everyday.


  1. oh. so sad Peggy. So glad she brought you such sweet memories.

  2. so sad to hear about your kitty. she had fabulous taste! we would have gotten along quite well, when we weren't fighting over ice cream and croissants :)

    glad you have such fond memories of her.

  3. thanks audrey + jane! i do have so many great memories of us together. she was the sweetest thing :)

  4. :( how sad to miss her still. it sounds like she led a sweet and happy life!

  5. Peggy,
    There are very few things in this world that capture our hearts and souls like the unconditional love bond between humans and pets. I feel your pain...but I know you gave this sweet kitty the best life and in return, she gave you continous joy.
    Here's to enjoying her memories!

  6. Peggy, your dear friends' comments touch my heart!!! Same from here...

  7. I'm SO touched by all these comments! I can tell kitty did have a very good life. Look how beautiful and lovely she is!!!

  8. oh, she sounds like she was such a sweet kitty! sending a hug your way.


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