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the best thing about my recent trip to new york city was to spend time with my parents. they drove down from upstate new york to meet up with me. we got to do so many wonderful things together in the city! (forgot how much i really miss living there...) i have to share this foodie moment with you – the modern at the museum of modern art. couldn't have asked for more on my first day there! we ate at the dining room which overlooks the sculpture garden of moma. i just love that open space. chef gabriel kreuther’s prix-fixe menu is quite a culinary journey. clean, simple + full of flavors. i'm only sorry to have forgotten to take pictures of our entrées, my parents and i were just too busy catching up and enjoying our visit together! and congrats to chef kreuther on the james beard foundation award for best chef, nyc! it really was a perfect meal...

socca pancake
with shrimp and crab salad, ginger-lobster jus

buckwheat crepe
with smoked salmon, crème fraîche, red onion and arugula

lemon tart
with vanilla meringue

caramel and white chocolate trifle

great photo opp here, courtesy of my mom! love the logo reflection on the building. thanks mom! :)


  1. Didn't we have wonderful time? So good to see you! mom + dad

  2. You sure I was there? Your blog really shows what a terrific place The Modern is. Great presentation! The Modern owes you!

  3. Oh... isn't the Modern incredible?! I went there a few years ago with foodie friends of mine who knew the chef and we were DOTED on. One of the most luxurious meals I've ever had in NYC. So beautiful.

  4. The buckwheat crepe and the lemon tarts look divine! What a beautiful place and food!


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