giada's kitchen

i was so excited to meet giada de laurentiis this past saturday at her book signing event in pasadena. giada is as pleasant in person as she is on television, and so great with kids! and can i say, drop dead gorgeous. we chatted a little bit about the photography of her new book, giada's kitchen. all those beautiful images were shot by tina rupp. although i didn't get to work with tina while i was at martha stewart, i've been a long time fan. here are just some of my favorites from the book. also, how great is the typography on the desserts opener? can't wait to try out the recipes, yum...!

giada de laurentiis
book signing event at williams-sonoma


  1. Yay! I'm so jealous. I love Giada too. I watch her show religiously every Saturday morning while enjoying my coffee. Good for you!

  2. oooh, so great that you met giada! love your photo of the book she signed for you too. :)


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