heath ceramics + wedding lounge

i thought i was a big fan of heath ceramics before, now i'm just obsessed. i was at their wedding lounge event last sunday and i have to say, i probably spent (embarrassingly) too much time there! and i was very camera happy, so i will start by showing off their store first...

run by potter adam silverman | designs + creates original pieces for the store

pendant lamps
by adam silverman

edith heath
founded heath ceramics in 1948 | a bauhaus-inspired ceramicist


the heath wedding lounge was modern, relaxed + intimate. the welcome table really set the tone for the event. jonathan wright and company letterpressed the event guide and 'place cards'. each card is calligraphed with a wedding expert's name. so understated, but smart. adorning the table were simple floral arrangements created by gilly flowers. and then there was love catering... the first thing i spotted was their delicious bresaola wrapped pear. right then and there, i was hooked. presentation was spot on. the main event was held at the open courtyard. what struck me visually was the perfectly set table in front of two large metal doors. the contrast was stunning. wedding gowns designed by amy michelson worked beautifully against the exposed brick walls. i don't think just any gowns could have pulled off that look, but amy's complemented the space flawlessly.


secretly i wish i was a bride again, but the real treat for me that day was to meet the artisans themselves: jonathan wright (i've been a long-time admirer!)... gilly, i can't tell you how many times i went to get coffee at intelligentsia in silverlake and inadvertently stopped at gilly flowers with a cup in hand. and my new favorite caterer, jonathan darr from love catering. there is no mistaking their food – the passion that they have for their craft is all in there. and last but not least, special appearance by carlo (owners' doggie) from sausalito!

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