dreamy pillows...

i spent last sunday morning walking through the rosebowl flea market in pasadena. somewhat in a daze because nothing was really catching my eye until i saw these amazing pillows all piled up on a long table. all the patterns were quite graphic and simple in fact, but when mixed together... voilà! i was an instant fan, especially the hand-embroidered 'dream a little dream of me' one (how sweet is that?). the pillows are a creative venture between these two very dear friends: decorator gena sigala and owner of oehman's in venice, jenny best. the fabrics used were remnants from jenny's projects - love that - recycle + reuse!!!

as i got to talking to gena, i found out that she is also an editor, stylist, and writer. while browsing through her gorgeous work later on her site, i remember a lot of the images / stories were from cottage living, o at home, architectural digest... here are a few of my favs from her portfolio.

photos of gena's work are from


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs .... they're so comforting - a good relaxation for a reader's soul! Also, very informative!

  2. I like it! Your blog is so neat, clean and beautiful!


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