vintage charm

i found these amazing vintage greeting cards yesterday at an antique store in pasadena. couldn't believe my eyes when i picked up the box - the cards were sitting in its original packaging! these whimsical cards are made by "a sunshine card" company (how adorable is that name?!) circa 1960s. each card is marked with a style number - so although it's an incomplete set, i'm quite determined to find the remaining eleven! the print + finish on them are exquisite. i just love the tactile feeling when i run my fingers on them...

the deluxe everyday assortment
21 smart french folders

metallic gold printed envelope

thinking of you
[ 25X109-17 ]

roses are red ... violets are blue ... sugar is sweet
[ 25X109-3 ]

congratulations and best wishes
[ 25X109-21 ]

wishing you much happiness
[ 25X109-4 ]

a get well message
[ 25X109-19 ]

happy birthday
[ 25X109-20 ]

may you soon be well
[ 25X109-6 ]

a get well wish
[ 25X109-9 ]

just an old-fashioned wish
[ 25X109-2 ]

to cheer you
[ 25X109-1 ]

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