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valentine's day is just around the corner (and because i do feel love is all around!), i want to post a story behind this number 8 heart that i love. it was given to me by sahara damore, the owner of heart is hot. i don't quite know where to begin, so i will share her story with you here...

In June 2005, as I was driving on the streets of San Francisco, I looked to my right and noticed a man in probably his 50's sitting on a bench crying. For whatever reason, I noticed him and was extremely impacted by the sight. Feeling raw and open from the end of my own six-year relationship, I was in a transformative place; feeling empowered, curious and humbled by the mystery and beauty of life. I had a feeling of limitlessness; anything could happen, at any time, and I could end up anywhere on the planet. This sensation liberated me from fear or doubt. I was open, ready and willing; for what, I did not yet know.

As I passed the man, my first instinct was to buy him flowers. I certainly did not want to intrude upon his space, but felt an overwhelming desire to extend myself. I drove quickly around the corner to the nearest market for the flowers. They, of course, did not have any! So I drove back around the block hoping to encounter him once again. Why? I had no idea at the time. Had I even thought for a moment about what I was doing, I may have stopped myself. But the beauty was that I didn't. I just followed every impulse that came in each moment and was completely aware of it.

As I turned back around the block, I noticed the man in my rear view mirror walking down the street. I knew the moment had passed for he and I to have a potential encounter. However, thoughts continued to pour out of me and I followed each one of them. I thought to myself, "Wow, I really wish I would have had something in that moment to give him -- to share with him -- without intruding". The first (and only) image that came to mind was this little red glass heart from my home. All of a sudden I wished I had had that heart with me to give him. Then I thought, "I wish I had a bag of hearts to carry around SF and pass out to people when I felt impacted by them in any moment". Then came, "Oh, what a hot idea!" Hence, the name Heart is Hot was born.
i met sahara in january 2007. i was so moved by her story and passion that i simply had to help her on the branding design for heart is hot. not only is each recycled glass heart engraved with a graphic depiction of the flower of life symbol, they are also infused with healing harmonics that hold the energies of unconditional love, balance, harmony and appreciation. sahara has sold over 1205 hearts and touched thousands who had passed their hearts along and shared their stories online. i can still remember the day when we were looking at engraved samples! check out heart is hot + follow your heart. :)

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  1. It is a perfect design for such a touching story! Beautiful job!


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